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 Perfect World Abbreviations and Terms

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BerichtOnderwerp: Perfect World Abbreviations and Terms   za 30 apr - 2:24

Here is a list of abbreviations and terms often used in PWI, listed in alphabetical order.
Don't worry about learning all of these in one lump, you don't actually need them all.

1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 - These are references to Twilight Temple, Chapter 1. Requiem of the Wraith, Chronol (TT1-1), Dimensic (TT1-2), and Substancia (TT1-3).

10char - Text added to a forum post to make sure it is over the 10 character minimum length for posting.

1K or 1K Streams or 1K City - Thousand Streams City, a city in the Northwest corner of the PW map.

1Ked - Being killed in a Rebirth run, but instead of going back to the starting platform, you are kicked out and end up at Thousand Streams City. This is a glitch that apparently happens if you are killed, and then hit again after being killed.

1K Woods - Thousand Wood Ridge, an area in the Northern central part of the PWI map.

1x, 2x, 3x, ..., 10x - An abbreviated way of indicating a level range. A "4x" character is level 40-49, for example.

2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 - These are references to Twilight Temple, Chapter 2. Symphony of Fate, Substancia (TT2-1), Naught (TT2-2), and Null (TT2-3).

20/20/20, 202020, and 20x3 - The level 67 "Wraith's Gate" quest, where you have to kill 20 Taurox Captains, 20 Deadmarch Sori, and 20 Deadmarsh Adalwolves. See: Level 67 Quests. Also sometimes used for the higher level similar quests (e.g. 79 202020).

2nd Map - Unicorn Forest, the second map to be unlocked in the Chrono Quest chain (the first map being Old Heaven's Tear, or OHT for short).

3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 - These are references to Twilight Temple, Chapter 3. Aria of Dawn, Null (TT3-1), Vacuity (TT3-2), and Doom (TT3-3).

3rd Map - Valley of the Scarred, the third map to be unlocked in the Chrono Quest chain.

4th Map - Moonshade Desert, the fourth and final map to be unlocked in the Chrono Quest chain.

#9 (i.e. 19, 29, 39, 51, 59, 69, 79, 89, 99) - The various FB dungeons. And yes, 51 doesn't end with a 9. Feel free to do it at 49 and then have to go back once you've got the 51 quests. Also sometimes used to refer to cultivation levels (e.g. Oggo, Quillhog King is a boss for your 59 culti).

AA - Arcane Armor, the armor type that primarily provides magic defense. AA requires many magic stat points and some strength stat points to wear.
AC - Armor Class or Defense, usually 'PDef' in this game.
ADC - Ancient Dragon City, an old/PW-MY name for Archosaur, the main city in Perfect World.
Add(s) - An extra monster has joined an existing battle or ones that follow around a boss or elite monster.
AE - Area Effect, see AoE. Also, Ancient Evil, a Twilight Temple boss.
AFAIK - As Far As I Know.
AFK - Away From Keyboard, meaning that the player is away from his computer.
Aggro - This means the monsters are mad at you and you've "activated" them to attack you. They are now in the motion of trying to reach and attack you. See Aggro for details.
Aggro Radius - The radius around the monsters where they will "wake up" and attack you.
Agi - Agility, an old name for 'Dex'.
AH - Auction House, the place where you can buy and sell items with other players, available through the Auctioneers in any major city.
Alt - A character on your account other than your main character or other than the character you're currently playing.
Amp - Amplify Damage, a venomancer skill that causes the target to take 20% more damage (or 30% more damage with the Sage version of that skill).
AoE - Area of Effect, a skill that can affect multiple things in an area.
APS - Attacks Per Second, the Attack Rate stat in your Character window.
Arch(o) - Usually means Archosaur, the big city in the middle of the map. May rarely mean Archer. Archosaur is also the name of one of the servers.
ASAP - As Soon As Possible.
Atk - Attack.
ATM - At The Moment.
Avatar - Your character. In the forums it means the picture that appears next to your posts by your name

B>.... - Buying; usually found in catshop names. Note: The dots are where item name(s) would be.
Barb - Barbarian.
BB - Blue Bubble, the nickname of Regeneration Aura, the cleric AoE heal. See also "RB".
BBL - Be Back Later.
Bell - Aura of the Golden Bell, the blademaster's physical defense buff.
BG - BattleGround or BackGround.
BH - Bounty Hunter, the daily quest you get starting at level 40 from the Head Hunter in the center of Archosaur. BHs often take place in FBs, so BH39 would be a Bounty Hunter quest that takes place in FB39 (Gate of Delirium). See Bounty Hunter for details.
BIDS - Black Ice Dragon Strike, a wizard skill and one of the most damaging single attacks in the game.
BK - Back; something you say right after you come back from being AFK.
BKI - Beast King's Inspiration, the barbarian max HP buff.
Blink - A nickname for a wizard spell Distance Shrink, which jumps the wizard forward very quickly.
BM - Blademaster.
BoA - Barrage of Arrows, an archer skill for doing continuous AoE damage.
BoI - Battle of the Immortals, a different PWE game. (BoI wiki)
Boss - A named monster, much harder than anything else nearby that has better loot and is often the target of quests (e.g. "Farren is the first boss in FB39.").
Boutique - The cash shop used to buy items for the game. Can be accessed by hitting the letter "O" in game.
BP - Bloodpaint, the assassin squad buff that affects assassins, barbarians, and blademasters, giving them some HP for each physical combat attack.
Bramble - Bramble Guard, a venomancer buff that reflects back up to 60% damage (75% for Demon version). It may make it hard for the target to lose aggro, so in squads only those that can handle aggro (tanks) should be brambled.
BRB - Be Right Back
BRT - Be Right There.

Camping - The act of waiting in an area to hunt a specific thing that tends to appear there.
Carebear - A somewhat derisive term for a player that prefers to help other players attack monsters rather than attack other players in player vs. player combat.
Caster - A character that stays on the back row to heal or cast spells on the enemy, such as a wizard.
Catshop - The shops set up by players to sell items, usually in the form of a cat standing on its tail, also sometimes as a cow on a treasure chest ("cowshops"), a mermaid, or a lighter. See Consignment Shop for details.
CD - Cooldown, the time between when you use a skill or potion and the time when you can use it again. The icons for skills and pots in cooldown show a darkened pie-wedge that gets smaller as the cooldown ends.
Char - Your character. If used in the form "10char" it means "10 characters", used to get past the 10 character minimum for forum posts.
Cheese - To exploit an imbalance in the game.
Chi - The yellow bar that's below your health and mana gauge, allows you to use certain skills.
CN - China or Chinese, from the two letter country code.
Clr - Cleric.
Co-ords - Coordinates, the two groups of three digits visible in the top right corner near the minimap, used to pinpoint any location on the world map.
CoA - City of Abominations, a weekly level 50+ event.
CoF - The Cube of Fate, a level 40+ "game" of skill, wits, and chance, that also acts as a free shortcut to Archosaur via. any Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup NPC. More commonly abbreviated to "Cube".
CON - Constitution, an old name for the Vitality stat.
CQ - Cultivation Quest(s), the Spiritual Cultivation quests you get every ten levels or so that give you the ability to learn new skills and the like. See Quests.
Crit - Critical hit, a hit which does your Rage Damage, normally 200% damage. It may also refer to your critical hit rate.
CS - Crazy Stone, a daily quest that begins at level 30. May also mean Cash Shop, a.k.a. the Boutique.
CTD - Call to Duty, the level 19, 29, 39, etc. FB quests. Also the Tabs for those quests. See Call to Duty for details. (Also 'Crash to Desktop', though 'DC' is a much more common phrase here.)
Cube - The Cube of Fate, a level 40+ "game" of skill, wits, and chance, that also acts as a free shortcut to Archosaur via. any Khatru Pup or Adventure Assistant NPC. Sometimes seen in verb form, i.e. "I'm Cubing to Arch now."
Culti - Short for 'Spiritual Cultivation'; referring to both your characters cultivation level (which unlocks various skills) and the quest chains to get there.
CV - Crescent Valley, an old name for Lunar Glade.

DB - The wizard skill The Dragon's Breath, a continuous AoE fire attack. This skill is often used when Zhenning, that is, dragging many mobs into one location to be killed by an AoE attack.
DC, DC'd, or DCed - Disconnected, usually due to some glitch, lag spike, or bad connection.
DD - Direct Damage or Damage Dealer. This is a skill that does all of its damage in one hit rather than spreading its damage over time or the squad-role of using such attacks.
Debuff or De-Buff - A negative spell cast on a unit that makes it less powerful. An example of a "debuff" is the venomancer skill "Soul Degeneration".
Devs - The programmers and other developers of PW in China.
Dex - Dexterity, one of your four primary statistics.
Ding - An announcement, "Hey guys! I reached a new level!"
DMG - Damage.
DO - Dragon Order; at the end of the Dragon Quest you get a Copper, Silver, or Gold Dragon Order. Collect enough of them and you can turn them in for rare armor, weapons, mounts, or other items.
DoD - Dragon of the Depths, a mid-level cultivation boss. Found by itself to the East of Misfortune island, or in a pair following the Nightspike Bloodguard (a.k.a. Mantavip Scout) South of Misfortune. May also mean Diamond of Dragon, a grade 14 shard that adds +1 to your defense level.
Doll - An old nickname for the Guardian Angel, which used to look like a cupie doll, but was renamed Guardian Scroll and changed to look like a scroll. May also refer to Shadow Doll, a World Boss.
DOT - Damage Over Time. May also mean Diamond of Tiger, a grade 13 shard that adds +1 to your attack level.
DP - Dragon Points, these are the points gained by selling most Dragon Quest (DQ) items, and which can be redeemed for items at the DQ Rewards page.
DPS - Damage Per Second.
Drops - The items dropped or potentially dropped by a thing when you kill(ed) it.
DQ - Dragon Quest or the items used for the Dragon Quest (which is noted in the items' descriptions). A series of repeatable quests starting at level 20 which can earn you mounts, high level molds, and other rewards. See Dragon Quests for details.
DW or DWP - Dreamweaver Port, a city on the Southeast corner of the main landmass. Dreamweaver is also the name of one of the servers.

E - East, right on the map.
Elite - When referring to a monster, one that's definitely stronger and/or tougher than usual but not particularly a boss. Elites have flared borders around the box that shows their name and HP bar.
EA - Elven Archer, a.k.a. archer.
EG - Earthguard, the race that includes the mystics and seekers.
EP - Elven Priest, a.k.a. cleric.
ESO - Ether Saga Online, a different PWE game. (ESO wiki)
Eso - Training Esoterica, the old name for the Martial Arts Scroll, an item that when used gives you +50% EXP and SP for one hour.
EXP - Experience Points.
EXPed or Exped - Experienced, i.e. "EXPed cleric LF squad".

F2P - Free to play, as opposed to a pay to play (P2P) game. PWI is F2P. :-)
Fac or Fact - Faction, this is the term used in PWI instead of "guild".
FB - Fuben (副本, Chinese for "duplicate object" or "copy of", better translated here as "instance"), the instanced dungeon quests you usually receive at levels 19, 29, etc....
FC or FCC - May mean Frost(covered) City / Forgotten Frostland, a high level dungeon in the Northwest part of the map. FC may also mean Secret Frostcover(ed) Grounds.
FF - Either Forgotten Frostland (see "FC" above) or Fox Form, the alternate form that venomancers can take once they get the skill.
FH - Full Health.
FM - Full Mana/Magic.
FQ - Friendship Quest.
FTL - For The Loss or For The Lose, a sports or game term.
FTW - For The Win, a sports or game term.
FUBAR - Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.
FW - Forsaken World, a different PWE game. (FW site)
FYI - For Your Information.

GA - Guardian Angel, the old name for Guardian Scrolls when they looked like cupie dolls.
Game is Dead - A term used by some players to express dissatisfaction with the game that became a meme in the forums. Usually not meant to be taken literally.
Gamma - One instance of Rebirth. See: RB.
Gank - In PvP, to attack another player while they're trying to fight a monster. Or... when a party attacks a lone player, usually to PK (Player Kill) him.
GF - Usually "Good Fight", but may also mean "girlfriend".
GG - Good Game.
G.I.R.L. - Guy In Real Life, usually used when referring to a female character that is (probably) played by a male.
GJ - Good Job.
GM - Game Moderator, Game Master, or Guild Master, usually the first one in PWI.
Grats or Gratz - Congratulations.
Griefer - A person who purposely tries to annoy or anger other players.
Grinding - Staying in the same area fighting the same types of monsters for a very long time for the purposes of gaining EXP, SP, coins, and/or drops.
GS - Guardian Scroll, a Boutique item that prevents EXP loss (and item drops if PKed) upon death.
GTG - Got To Go.
Guild - Another name for faction.
GUM - Gang Up on Monster (uncommonly used).
GV - Godless Valley, the old name for Valley of Reciprocity in Rebirth.
GZ - Congratulations.

HA - Heavy Armor, the armor type that primarily provides physical defense. HA requires many strength stat points and some dexterity to wear.
Heiro - An old name for the HP or MP charms, usually gotten from the Boutique.
Herb - Any material that can be used for production of potions at an apothecary.
Herc - Baby Hercules, a tough venomancer ground pet, created using cash shop items.
HF - Heaven's Flame, a level 59+ blademaster skill using two sparks that does AoE damage in a 12 meter radius, and more importantly, curses the targets with up to a 100% increase in damage for six seconds (or nine seconds for the Demon version).
HH - Either "Holy Hall", an old name for Twilight Temple, the level 60+ dungeon, or "Head Hunter", the NPC in the center of Archosaur that hands out the Bounty Hunter quests at level 40+.
HOT - Heal Over Time. (Ironheart Blessing, for example, heals over a short period.)
HoTK - Heroes of Three Kingdoms, a different PWE game. (HoTK wiki)
HP - Hit Points or Health.
HT - Heaven's Tear, a centrally located city. Heaven's Tear is also the name of one of the servers.
Hybrid - A character build that is not focused entirely on one purpose but instead multiple purposes. A wizard that wears heavy armor would be an example

IDC - I Don't Care.
IDK - I Don't Know.
IDTS - I Don't Think So.
IH - Ironheart Blessing, a clerics main heal over time (HOT) spell.
IHB - Ironheart Blessing, same as IH, but less commonly used.
IIRC - If I Recall/Remember Correctly.
IMO or IMHO - In My (Honest/Humble) Opinion.
Inc - A short warning of "incoming" danger.
Instance - An "instance" is an area that only exists for players in your squad. This allows multiple squads to complete quests in a particular dungeon without interfering with each other. See Dungeons for a list of instanced areas.
Int - Interval, the time between each of your melee attacks, shown as "Attack Rate" in the Character window (e.g. "-int gear", which would mean gear that increases your hit rate). May also stand for Intelligence, an old name for "Mag".
Inv - Usually short for either "Invite" or "Inventory".
IRL - In Real Life.

JD - Jade Dynasty, a different PWE game.
JK or J/K - Just Kidding. Also short for "joke".

K - Thousand. So an item that someone says is "100k" costs 100,000 coins.
Kiting - A style of combat in which a player continually stays out of combat range of an enemy, usually by running from it, while simultaneously causing ranged damage to it.
KoS - Kill on Sight, a PvP description used for a person or faction that you are supposed to attack when you see them and are able, usually due to some offense against someone else in your faction.
KS - Kill Steal. Stealing or trying to steal another person's kill, by finishing the monster off after they attacked it first. This behavior is usually frowned upon

LA - Light Armor, the armor type that provides a balanced mix of magical and physical defense. LA requires a moderate amount of both strength and dexterity stat points to wear.
LC - Lost City. See "Lost" below.
Leeroy or Leroy - To run into a bunch of mobs by yourself, aggro them all without proper buffs and/or strategy, and usually end up getting killed along with anyone who tries to help. (Look up "Leeroy Jenkins" on YouTube for the origin of this word.)
LF - Looking For....
LFG - Looking For Group.
LFM - Looking For More.
LFP - Looking For Party.
LFS - Looking For Squad.
LG - Lunar Glade.
LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off.
Log - When you log off; disconnect from the game.
LOL - Laughing Out Loud or Lots of Laugh. This abbreviation indicates something is really funny. It's pretty cliche nowadays though.
LoM - Low on Mana.
Loot - The treasure from a monster that has been killed or from a chest, or the act of taking such treasure.
LoS - Line of Sight, as in "No LoS to target", meaning "I can't see the damn thing." The ability to target with TAB makes this rarer now.
Lost - City of the Lost, a.k.a. Lost City, the home city of the Untamed race. Lost City is also the name of one of the servers.
LP - Lucky Points, the accumulated total of the random 1-10 points a genie gets every 10 levels. Enough lucky points change the genie's appearance and unlock additional skill slots. See Lucky Points in the Genie Guide.
Lunar - A high level dungeon accessed from the castle flying above King's Feast, also the gear acquired from there.
Lurer - Person who lures monsters for the party, usually the Venomancer, but Zeal genies with Earthflame are also commonly used.
Luring - One of the players in a party heads out and leads one or more of the monsters back to the party so that the party can attack the monsters. The idea is to prevent too many monsters from attacking at once. See Venomancer Luring for more.
Lv or Lvl - Level.

M - lvl (level), because it kind of looks like M.
Mag - Magic, one of your four primary statistics.
Mage - May mean wizard or any magic user in general.
Mana - Magic Points.
MAtk - Magic(al) Attack, usually a listing of a person's and/or weapon's magic damage range, may also mean that damage type (as opposed to a physical attack) or the gear add-on that adds to your magic attack.
Mats - Raw materials used for the crafting of other items.
MDef - Magic Defense. A group name for metal, fire, water, earth, and wood resistance stats, used to reduce damage from various types of magical attack.
MG - Magician or Human Mage, an old name for wizard.
MMO or MMOG or MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online (Role Playing) (Game).
MOB - An old programming acronym for Mobile Object Block. Mobs are all computer controlled characters in the game.
MP - Magic Points or Mana Points, used for most skills, it's the blue bar below your health bar.
MQ - Marriage Quest, the daily quest that two married players can take together.
MT - Main Tank, the tank that keeps aggro in a multi-tank squad, or rarely Magic Tank, a tank that's good against magic damage.

N, NE, NW - North, North-east, North-west. Up, up-right, up-left on the map.
Named - A special monster that is usually stronger than surrounding monsters with possible special abilities and item drops, usually a boss or an elite.
Necro(ed) - To bring a dead forum thread back to life; a practice which is generally frowned upon. Unless you're the original poster (OP) and have a good reason, you usually shouldn't reply to threads that have been inactive for a month or more.
Nerf - To downgrade, to be made softer, or make less effective. "X has been nerfed."
Newbie - A term that sometimes means new player. Newbie is also used to suggest that a player is not very good.
Newb - Short for Newbie. See above.
Ninja'd - When someone in the forums posts some or all the same information you posted after you finished reading the thread, but before you wrote your post.

A "Nix".
Nix - Blazing Phoenix, a tough Venomancer air pet, created using cash shop items.
N00b - An incredibly uncool way to say newb. Don't use it.
NP - No Problem.
NPC - Non-Player Character, this is a computer controlled character.
Nuke - High damage in one hit or a skill that does the same, usually a magic attack.

OBO - Or Best Offer.
OBP - Old Book Page, use 20 of these to make the sage or demon versions of one of your skills at level 92, or level 99 for Tideborn classes. This is done at the Nature Forge: Skills in 1K Streams (117 854), and the particular skill you get is given randomly.
OHT - Old Heaven's Tear.
OMW - On My Way.
OoM - Out of Mana. People say this to let their party know that they are out of mana and can't cast any spells, especially healing.
OP - Can either mean Original Poster or Original Post in forums, or OverPowered when discussing a class, skill, or item.
OT - Orchid Temple, a small enclosed area North of Archosaur near Secret Passage. This is where you exit after leaving Hall of Deception (Qingzi's area). Orchid Temple is also a common PK site on PvE servers.
OVS - "Old" Valley of the Scarred, used to refer to the ChronoWorld version of the Valley of the Scarred.

P2P - Pay to Play, as opposed to a free to play (F2P) game. PWI is F2P. :-)
Paper Clip or Paperclip - A nickname for the level 70+ daily World Quest (the first item you get in WQ is the Paper Clip).
Pat - Patrolling monster, more commonly called a "walker".
Paint - Bloodpaint, the assassin squad buff that affects assassins, barbarians, and blademasters, giving them some HP for each physical combat attack (e.g. "paint me").
PAtk - Physical Attack, usually a listing of a person's and/or weapon's physical damage range, may also mean that damage type (as opposed to a magic attack) or the gear add-on that adds to your physical attack.
PC - Player controlled Character or Personal Computer. May also mean Price Check.
PDef - Physical Defense, a statistic granted mainly by armor (also by vit and level), used for resisting physical attacks.
Pet - A NPC controlled by a player such as a Wolf. Only venomancer pets can attack.
PK - Player Kill or Player Killer.
PKK - Player Killer Killer, someone who usually only kills players who kill other players.
Plz - Please.
PM - Private Message, to whisper a message directly to a single player. This is done by sending a chat message like "/name text", where "name" is the player's name, and "text" is what you are saying to that player. Clicking on a name in the chat window adds the "/name " part for you. The text shows up pink for people in your friend list and blue for anyone else.
Pop - Repopulation, often used as a shortened term for the re-spawn of monsters or farmable materials. (E.g. "After being farmed, most mats have 10 minutes until they pop.")
Port - Teleport, using the teleport NPC, or Khatru pup, or Illusion stone, or... whatever to almost instantly be somewhere else.
Pots - Potions, generally referring to any item that can be consumed to give you HP, MP, chi, or some sort of buff or protection.
PQ - Public Quest. The level 60-80, 95+, and 100+ quests that are available on Shattered Cloud Island from 9 AM to 11 PM server time.
Proc - Activate. Example: A weapon with a special effect will "proc" every so often.
PST - Please Send Tell. Indicates that the person speaking wants to receive communication directly by whispers (uncommonly used, "PM me" is more common).
Psy - Psychic.
Pull - Luring a single monster out of a group of monsters. See Venomancer Luring.
Puller - Person who pulls monsters for the party.
Pulling - One of the players in a party heads out and leads one or more of the monsters back to the party so that the party can attack the monsters. The idea is to prevent too many monsters from attacking at once.
Pure - 100%, for instance a character with a "pure dex" build should have all its stat points put into dexterity. The build is still considered pure if strength is added, but only enough strength to equip low-requirement gear for the player's level.
PvE - Player vs. Environment. Combat between players and computer controlled opponents.
PvP - Player vs. Player. This means players attack each other.
PW - Perfect World.
PWCN - The Chinese version of Perfect World.
PWE - Perfect World Entertainment, the company that controls the "International" version of Perfect World.
PWI - Perfect World International, the American version of Perfect World, and the game this wiki is for.
PWMY - The Malaysian version of Perfect World (The Official Perfect World That Existed Before We Stole Rights)

QFT - Quote(d) For Truth, basically a way of saying that you really agree with the text you quoted in the forums.
QQ - Meant to look like two eyes crying like: Q_Q. Usually seen in a reply when someone thinks someone else should quit crying or complaining about something.

R - Rank. So "R9" would be Rank IX. See Rank and Reputation for details.
Raid - A raid is a large-scale attack on an area by a group of players.
RB - Either Red Bubble, the nickname of Heaven's Wrath, the priest AoE attack buff, or Rebirth, part of the name for four instanced dungeons you get to by using Rebirth X Orders (where "X" is Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta), the first of which you can access starting at level 40.
Rep - Reputation.
Res - Resurrect.
Respawn or Re-Spawn - A monster that has been killed has spawned (been created) again. A "respawn point" is the area where it will reappear when it comes back to life or resets its position.
Req - Requirement or prerequisite.
Rez - Resurrect, to bring a dead player back to life using the cleric Revive skill.
RL - Real Life, outside the game.
ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing.
RPK(er) - Random Player Killer, someone who may PK anyone without needing a specific reason for it.
RT - Raging Tides, the starting area for the Tideborn race. Raging Tides is also the name of one of the servers.
RTG - Ready To Go. Commonly used in ways such as, "BH51, just need tank and RTG," meaning that they are ready to do Bounty Hunter in the FB51 area as soon as they get a tank.
Runner - Mobs that run away from melee attacks. Usually it's best to get the tank on the other side of runners so that they run into the group, rather than away from it (e.g. "Careful, that one's a runner!"). The term may also refer to "walkers" that move by running instead of walking.
Rush - When the tank attracts the attention of all the mobs so that everyone else can run past.

S SE SW - South (South-east, South-west); Down (Down-right, Down-left) on the map.
S>..... - Selling; usually found in catshop names. Note: The dots are where item name(s) would be.
SC - Spiritual Cultivation, the quests you have to take every 10 levels or so to unlock the ability to learn new skills. They show up in your quest list in gold colored text.
Shard - Another name for a soulgem.
Sharding - To put shards into empty sockets on armor or weapons. The shard's grade cannot be higher than the grade of the gear being sharded.
Sin - Assassin.
Small Pets - An animal following the player around. While this does not directly influence the player or monsters, it is cool to have around, especially the rare ones. Usually called "all class pets" or "baby pets". See Baby Pet Guide for details.
Socket - A feature of some armor and weapons that allows you to add soulgems (a.k.a. "shards") to the gear in order to improve its stats. Armor can have up to four sockets and weapons can have up to two sockets. See Socketing for details.
SoF - Source of Force, purchase 9999 of these and you can turn them in for a Hercules Pet Egg Ticket, which can be used by venomancers to get a Baby Hercules pet. 100 SoF and 100 Phoenix Feathers (used to get a Blazing Phoenix) can be exchanged for each other as well.
SoT - Seat of Torment, one of the two FB99 instances, the other being Abaddon.
Soulgem - An item that can be added to an empty socket on armor or weapons to improve its stats and possibly add a glow. The ten types of soulgems are Citrine, Turquoise, Garnet, Sapphire, Amber, Alabaster, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Ruby, and Topaz. See Socketing for details on how those soulgems affect the gear that they're added to.
SQ - Squad.
Spawn - The location or process of monsters appearing when they are created in the world.

A full and an empty spark.
SP - Usually Spirit Points, used to learn new skills. SP are gained from killing monsters and doing quests, but unlike EXP you do not lose SP upon death. SP may also be short for Secret Passage, the location of FB29, Qingzi, Dismal Shade, and Silver Frost.
Spark - An additional 100 chi beyond what is shown in the chi bar, shown to the right of the bar. You gain one spark at at levels 29, 59, and 89. May also refer to the Spark Burst, Spark Burst+, or Celestial/Demonic Eruption skills, which use up one, two, or three sparks, respectively, and cause your attacks to do extra damage while providing brief invulnerability (i.e. "Don't spark or you'll steal aggro."). May also refer to the venomancer Lending Hand skill, which allows the venomancer to transfer a spark to another player (i.e. "Spark me, please.").
Squishy - Characters that are easily killed or being in a state where you are easily killed. Usually those with low HP and low physical defense.
Stack - To put several copies of something (usually a heal-over-time or damage-over-time) on at once, or a number of identical items placed in a single inventory slot, to conserve space. Only certain items can be stacked.
Sticky - A "sticky" forum thread is one that stays at the top of the forum, even above other newer threads. This is generally done only for important threads, so you should at least give the stickied threads a glance.
Str - Strength, one of your four primary statistics.
Subber - The person who pays the Ultimate Substances used to enter some areas of Twilight Temple.
SZ - Safe Zone, an area where PKing isn't possible, such as a city or town. An "Entering Safe Zone" or "Leaving Safe Zone" message will appear in the chat window when moving in or out of SZs.

Tab - The "Call to Duty: X" tablet items you get for an FB run every 10 levels or so, starting at level 19, or level 29 for Tideborn (see Call to Duty for details), or the act of using them at the pillar (e.g. "Safe to Tab now?"). May also refer to the TAB key, which can be used to select targets.
Tank - A melee character that can take a lot of damage, or playing that role in a squad. In PWI this is generally a barbarian.
Taunt - Related to Aggro. An ability that allows a player to pull the attention of a monster off of another player and onto him or herself.
TB - Tideborn, the race that includes the assassins and psychics.
Tele, TP, or Tport - Teleport. Each main town or city has a Teleportation Master, if you speak to them once it will permanently reveal that area with a waypoint. By speaking with a Teleport Master you can travel between cities instantly for a certain amount of coins. Also, the Illusion Stones in Archosaur allow you to teleport to dungeons and other places based on your level. Finally, the Teleport Stones and Teleport Incense are items that allow you to teleport.
Threat - Related to aggro. This is what a character "gives off" to generate or draw monster aggro.
Timer - When you leave a squad in an instanced dungeon you will normally get a 60 second countdown until you are automatically teleported out of the instance; this is the timer. If you have the lead when everyone else leaves the squad, then you will not get a timer unless someone invites you to another squad. So, if someone says that they didn't get the timer or "Timer, please!", then they're asking for someone to invite them so they can get the timer to exit the instance.
Thx - Thanks.
TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read. Unless used to note a summary of a long post, it's a rude but otherwise pointless statement of one's own laziness.
Toon - A name for player characters in the game.
Train - To lead a monster or monsters into another player. This is not a desired behavior.
TT - Twilight Temple, a level 60+ dungeon. It's broken up into chapters and sub-chapters, so TT 2-3 would be the third part of the second chapter of Twilight Temple. See Twilight Temple for details.
TTYL - Talk To You Later.
TTYS - Talk To You Soon.
TW - Territory Wars, a somewhat weekly event where guilds fight to gain or keep control of territories on the map.
Twink - A low level character who has been made more powerful by higher level characters, usually by getting stronger armor and weapons than the character would normally have at such a low level.
TY - Thank You.
TYSM - Thank You So Much.
TYVM - Thank You Very Much

U - Short for "you".
Uber - German slang for 'super', originally meaning 'over'; exceptionally powerful.
UI - User Interface, all of the information windows, text boxes, buttons, and other interactive stuff on the screen that let you see what's going on and control what you do in the game.
US - Ultimate Substance, an item used for making some other items or to do most Twilight Temple (TT) runs. It takes 5 Fine Lumber, 5 Refined Steel, 5 Rubstone Powder, and 5 Anthracite to make one US at the Twilight Forge: Materials found in both Arch and TT. See Twilight Temple for details.

Vendor Trash - An item that only a vendor/merchant would buy.
Veno - Venomancer.
Vent - Ventrillo, a commonly used voice-chat utility.
Vit - Vitality, one of your four primary statistics.
VotS or VS - Valley of the Scarred, the third map to be unlocked in the Chrono Quest chain. Sometimes incorrectly abbreviated as "OVS" for "Old" Valley of the Scarred, but the "Old" isn't really part of its name.

W - West. Left on the map.
W/... - With "something". For example, "sword w/str bonus" would mean a sword with a strength bonus.
W/E - What Ever.
W/O - Without.
Walker - A monster that wanders around, rather than staying put, or a warning of same (i.e. "Look out, here comes a monster.").
WB - Usually either means Welcome Back or World Boss, one of the tough "Level [?]" (150) bosses found around the world in PWI. May also mean WereBeast, an old name for barbarian.
WC - Short for either "World Chat", the gold text messages shown in the chat window sent using teleacoustics, or "Wrong Chat", what you say after you sent a message to the wrong chat group (like accidentally saying something in forum chat that was meant for squad chat.)
Weap - Weapon.
WF - WereFox, an old name for venomancer.
Wine - Items that can be used to get rid of most of the non-boss mobs in an FB. Wine is either manufactured or purchased from Mister Tso in West Archosaur. Wines are rarely used until around FB59 or FB69.
Wiz or Wizzy - Wizard.
WQ - World Quest, a daily quest starting at level 70.
WR - Warrior, an old name for blademaster.
WSIH - Cleric spells Wellspring Surge and Ironheart Blessing - used in combination when arcane user is tanking if stacked Ironheart Blessing is not enough to keep arcane tank alive (not recommended for barb or blademaster tanks).
WTB - Want(ing) to Buy.
WTH or WTF - What the Heck/Hell/other curse words; a statement of surprise, confusion, or dismay.
WTS - Want(ing) to Sell.
WTT - Want(ing) to Trade.

x2 - Times two. Refers to the special occasions when the game gives everyone on the server(s) twice the EXP and (nearly) twice the SP for mob kills. Such occasions may or may not also include "x2 drops", meaning that if a mob drops items then twice the normal amount of items will be dropped. Whether or not there will be x2 drops is mentioned in the announcements for the x2 event, along with the length of the event.
XP - Experience Points.
Xfer - Transfer, usually of items or coin between characters

Y - Short for both "why" and "yes", so you may want to make sure which they mean.
YW - You're welcome.

Zen - The pre-gold currency used in PWI. Usually $1 US = 100 zen = 1 gold = 100 silver, unless there is a bonus offer of some sort. See Gold for details.
Zerg - A combat strategy where a large group of players rush in at the target. Seen as a simple-minded strategy that requires no skill.
Zhen or Zhenn or Zhenning - A special type of grinding whereby people stand in place using AoE and a "runner" pulls mobs into the effect.
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Perfect World Abbreviations and Terms
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